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We’re looking for Australians to help their farming families in any number of ways.

You can help by

Help us Fundraise – Register for a kit of information, letter of Authority, posters, stickers etc. After you have, get your fundraising tools by download

Donating your time – have a Buy a Bale holiday and volunteer your time

Donate money towards the purchase of Bales of Hay, Litres of Diesel, Gift Cards for groceries and clothing, or just a general donation to Buy a Bale to help them do their great work.

Donating your truck to carry the hay our farmers need.

Donating a holiday to a farming family. Maybe you own a holiday house or are in the tourism sector and have some spare capacity to help a farming family, many of which have never had a holiday

Do you have fodder to donate or sell? We know all farmers need income so we’re looking for donations as well as to purchase for our farming families.

Volunteer Register

Why not work side by side with one of our Aussie farmers to help them recover and realise that they’re not forgotten.

You don’t need previous experience, all you need is to be willing to get in and do whatever is required. It might be fencing, cleaning up the debris, ploughing or any number of other tasks so desperately needed to help our farmers out.

93% of the food we eat is produced by our farmers, it’s time we gave them a helping hand.

We have two specific Farm related volunteer programs Farm Army and Farm Rescue